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Tales of Berseria

Tales of Berseria is a role-playing video game, where players navigate the game's world through the game's characters from a third-person perspective. As with previous Tales games, characters can interact through Skits, animated clips that play outside cutscenes and battle: characters are represented by head-and-shoulder portraits, and conversations can range from serious to comedic. New to the series' Skit systems is a cut-in effect, where at certain moments within skits characters in various poses will appear in response to the dialogue.

Deck Information

Deck/File Name: Tales of Berseria (toberseria)
Set/Series: Tales of Berseria
Made/Donated by: Mio / Kupo Color: PaleVioletRed
Released: 2024-03-25 Masterable: Yes
Wished by: Kupo
Mastered by: None

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