Are you a fan of any videogames who loves to collect images that we call decks? Then welcome to Sidequest TCG, an online TCG that focuses on different videogames from various consoles. We currently have 508 active decks (+131 upcoming) with 42 active players (+1 pending). It was established on February 16, 2021 and it is currently maintained by saya. Interested? Please visit the about page for more information!


This is the full list of active, pending and members currently in hiatus of Sidequest TCG. Please take note that all pending members are allowed to participate in the TCG until approved, but only active or approved members have a full access of the TCG.

All members are sorted by level (but levels that have a member will be visible only), and then by name in alphabetical order. If you want to view the member's profile, decks they have mastered, achievements that they may have and the likes, just click on their member card.

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