Are you a fan of any videogames who loves to collect images that we call decks? Then welcome to Sidequest TCG, an online TCG that focuses on different videogames from various consoles. We currently have 508 active decks (+131 upcoming) with 42 active players (+1 pending). It was established on February 16, 2021 and it is currently maintained by saya. Interested? Please visit the about page for more information!


Welcome to Sidequest, this is the page that gives you information for easier setting up your trade post and collects the cards that are part of this TCG. I will try to be short and clear about the information I want to give you.

Sidequest is a TCG dedicated to VideoGames - which means games, characters, scenes, relationships ect. This is one that was born because we really needed a video game tcg, and I need to thank Aki and Mio for support..

Sidequest updates weekly every Monday, Paris Time (GMT+1). This TCG is semi-automated so if something happens it will be updated anyway, at least a part of it, but it would be nice if you could wait for the official update and not the placeholder.

Sidequest's regular curency are EXP (experience) points which you will get as prize from games, they are used to buy card packs and merchandise. The secondary curency is Potions that are a little more rare then the first one, but you can gain them in certain games and during level ups.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • When can I start playing? - You can start participating in any Sidequest TCG activities as soon as you have submitted your join form and uploaded your starter pack, regardless of not being approved yet.
  • I got doubles in my starter pack, what should I do? - If you get doubles for your collecting deck, you can swap it for a different number. If you get doubles from the given random cards, this is an exception to the doubles exchange rule—you can exchange 1 copy even if both are not to be traded away.
  • I'm a prejoiner, what are the perks? - The prejoiners can get cards (plus events and similar) from updates before they joined.
  • What update freebies can I take? - You can take any freebies from the latest update posted even though it was posted prior the date you have joined.
  • How many cards per deck can I take for each wishes or freebies? - Depending on the restrictions applied, you can take a max limit of 2 cards per deck for each wishes or freebies.
  • Do all update pulls expire? - No, because they are not restricted to any deadlines. However, do keep in mind that you can only submit any wish or freebies claims once.
  • Do I only take specific colors for wishes? - No. You can check out the X11 Colors as reference for the main colors' variations.
  • When can I donate my claims? - As soon as you've collected the images for your claimed decks. Although it's not being checked first for approval, do keep in mind that the deck maker who will create your deck will contact you for image replacements if necessary.
  • Can I remaster decks that I've already mastered? - Yes. Do keep in mind though that you will still receive the same amount of rewards and mastery badge.