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Coffee Talk

The game follows a barista who is the owner and sole employee of Coffee Talk, the eponymous coffee shop, which is located in Seattle, Washington, in a fantasy version of the real world populated by a broad variety of fantasy races, such as elves, orcs, mermaids, and others. Various members of these races serve as the shop's patrons. The game's plot is experienced over the course of two weeks, with each day acting as a vignette in which various characters visit the coffee shop and discuss their concerns with the barista and with each other. The game's characters include Freya, a journalist for the fictional newspaper The Evening Whispers, and an aspiring fiction writer; Jorji, a local cop who visits the coffee shop regularly; Rachel, a nekomimi and former member of a girl band who is trying to start a career as a solo musician; Hendry, Rachel's father and former big name in the music industry who wants to protect his daughter; Neil, an alien visiting Earth with the mission of breeding with its inhabitants; Hyde, an immortal vampire who works as a model; Gala, werewolf and veteran who worked as a body guard for Hyde and now tries to heal himself by healing others; Myrtle, a very work-oriented orc working on the fictional game "Full Metal Conflict"; Aqua, a mermaid girl who is very shy and extremely passionate about advancing technology, also an indie game developer and a fan of the "Full Metal Conflict" series; and a young couple consisting of the succubus Lua and the elf Baileys, whose families do not approve of their relationship due to their racial differences.

Deck Information

Deck/File Name: Coffee Talk (ctalk)
Set/Series: Coffee Talk
Made/Donated by: Mio / Selena Color: Burlywood
Released: 2024-04-01 Masterable: Yes
Wished by: Jamie, Selena, Inky
Mastered by: None

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