Are you a fan of any videogames who loves to collect images that we call decks? Then welcome to Sidequest TCG, an online TCG that focuses on different videogames from various consoles. We currently have 448 active decks (+183 upcoming) with 42 active players (+1 pending). It was established on February 16, 2021 and it is currently maintained by saya. Interested? Please visit the about page for more information!

On the way to prejoin

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I just realised that I never actually wrote a post about the imminent opening OR voting for the decks that will be part of the 50 starting decks, I just wrote in the discords.

1. As most of you know the voting is opened on the voting page

2. Prejoin will open if all goes ok begining of October (if nobody being annoying maybe I actually manage to open for 1st Ocotber)

3. When Prejoin starts, which will be whole month, during this month, the donations will go from 5 to 20 (with 5 of one series restriction), that is to get as many things you love in, so we can make decks as fast as we can without ending without decks!

Till then you are welcome to VOTE EVERY DAY till 25th September 23:59:59 CEST :) - the count down will tell you when its the last moment to vote.

List of Decks for Prejoin

The decks that got most voted are here.





Hello World!

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Well hello there, what can I say: welcome to Sideaquest - the TCG dedicated to videogames: games, characters, scenes, relationships and more. Aki is helping me with getting it up on the feet so we can have a pure videogames TCG around because I really miss it. You will find a to do list here, so at least the progress for this will be known. if you want to ask questions you can write to sidequest at or just contact me on discord (saya#8455)


  • Stack CMS - (100%)
  • Information
    • Sidequest TCG (99% done)
    • TCG 101 - (100% done)
    • Cards and Deck Types - (100% done)
    • Levels and Masteries - (100% done)
    • Gaining Reference (99% done)
    • Donation Guidelines (100% done)
    • FAQ (100% done)
  • Member Panel
    • Profile Page - (100% done)
    • Level Badges - (100% done)
  • Cards Page - (100% done)
    • Upcoming Cards(140/100)
    • Prejoin Donation Form - (100% done)
  • Interactive
    • Weekly Set (100% done)
    • Bi-weekly Set A (100% done)
    • Bi-weekly Set B (100% done)
    • Monthly (100% done)
    • Level Ups (100% done)
    • Masteries (100% done)
    • Trading Rewards (100% done)
  • Sitely
    • Event Cards (100% done)
    • Milestones (100% done)
    • Affiliates (100% done)
    • Credits (90% done)
    • Randomizers (00% done)
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