Are you a fan of any videogames who loves to collect images that we call decks? Then welcome to Sidequest TCG, an online TCG that focuses on different videogames from various consoles. We currently have 448 active decks (+183 upcoming) with 42 active players (+1 pending). It was established on February 16, 2021 and it is currently maintained by saya. Interested? Please visit the about page for more information!

Load Save: we survived a week

Members: everyone — Welcome to the TCG!
Masteries: Samu (ffantasyx, ffantasyvii-renorude, overwatch-dva, ffantasy-moogles), Mysti (ffantasyxiv-aymeric, zescape-999, ffantasyiv-cecil), Ouji (aacademy, ddvalley), Jessica (fate-artoria, nnkuni-wotww, lomana), saya (acreedsyn-jacobevie, ffantasyxiv-haurchefant), Kupo (horizonzd-aloy, horizonzd, mhunter-rise, mhunter-world, nnkuni-wotww, lozelda-linkzelda), Lina (ffantasyx), Cami (a3-hisoka), Inky (shorticulture, horizonzd-aloy), Emelie (wowarcraft-cataclysmtrailer, wowarcraft-fallofthelichking, wowarcraft-thrall, wowarcraft-sylvanas, wowarcraft-wrathofthelichkingtrailer) — Keep up the good work!
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Games: Weekly, Be-Weekly B

We are here continuing our prejoin campain! We are happy to say that OMG it works and we had less hickups than I was being prepared to (yes some are still not solved sorry). But overall we are surviving well for now and it seems everything is working fine.

Lot of you also managed to master a lot of decks and we had seen our first level ups. Which I can say I am happy to see you are all enjoing the TCG. And also this brought us some new event cards!

Donations have been flowing and and Mio has been doing wonderful job at doing tons of decks, so thank you Mio and you wonderful people are doing awesome job of donating, so we decided that for next month we'll do the same - 20 donations (5 max per series) and go to normal donations from December. So you can start already thinking what else you would like to see in the future here. I know we are a little complicated about how to name the decks and about the sets, but you guys did great, and if needed we will be changing some stuff in the background to group stuff or nameing convenions (that even I sometimes get wrong LOL).

Now that also the Be-Weeekly B is up, I need you to do same thing as we did last week for the other games, if there is a problem do not hesitate to poke us about it!

We are also having our first wishes that should be working, if they don't we'll work around it, if the wish is about double rewards in games, do not worry, no need to refresh as you will be getting them double as you play!

Changes filenames

So we tried to correct our errors in file naming the decks, because the first decks while being made were not yet under the rules (we were still coming up witht he rules) but then we forgot that we should check our old decks so there were some released decks that had to be changed - you just need to change the filenames in your etcg and they will be downloaded directly, if noy, just poke me I'll do zips for you! Some of the upcomings were changed too, but you do not need to do anything about those!

  • hzerodawn
  • nnkuni-wotwwitch
  • pokemon-legendsarceus
  • pvzombies2-itsabouttime
  • dage-cullen
  • dage-josephine
  • hzdawn-aloy
  • acreed-bayekaya
  • acreed-jacobevie

Event cards

We are again having tons of event cards as you already hit most of the firsts for our tcg!

Event Cards (October 09, 2023): ec-25members, ec-75decks, ec-1stmastery, ec-1stlvlup, ec-1stmasterygame, ec-1stmasterychar, ec-1stmasteryrel, ec-1stmasterysc


So here are some freebies saying OPEN FOR PREJOIN that you are free to claim. I ask you to get max 2 cards per deck and enjoy it!

Wishing Stars

Kindly take a total max of 2 cards per deck if there are no restrictions indicated.

  1. EmelieI wish for double game rewards from the Weekly set!    No need to refresh the rewards page!
  2. SamuI wish for double deck release!    And everything multiplies~
  3. puddlesI wish for double game rewards from the Set B set!    No need to refresh the rewards page!

New Releases

Click here for your deck release pulls.

Click: New Game

Members: There are currently no new members.
Games: Weekly, Be-Weekl A, Monthly

And after years and promisses finally our video game TCG is finally opening it's doors to prejoin.

This tcg is mostly on this site, but good portion of information or questions are answered on the discord, so if you haven't yet joined it, please do!

To join the TCG please use a gmail account as dreamhost has something against all other ones and does not send the information needed to join, if anyway you do not get the authorisation email please contact us in #error-reports channel in discord so we can deal with it. To get approved and start play you need to have your TP up.

During this first month - it is imperative for you to report all errors that you encounter in the appropriate channel in discord (#error-reports). This includes places where I forgot to write what to do in the games and also your own misssteps when it comes to trading and other things like that.

Donations during prejoin

For this month of October (the Prejoin month) the donations are set the limit to 20 donations - with limit of 5 of same series. You can do so from your profile and please check the claims and donations page to see what others already claimed and not go on repeat. Some relationships pls, we take bromance, romance, frenemies whatever type of it just something.

For the donations of Level Badges, Buttons and Trade Cards (Some of you already donnated and I will be sending rewards as soon as I can). They can be donated in the #quest-box channel. In the same channel you can suggest merchandise (nintendo games, play station one games, playstation (2, 3, 4, 5), xbox, cds, artbooks, figurines and nendroids.

Remasteries, Milestones and Profile badges

There is another thing, you can request remastery badges (free of charge) and milestone cards in the #dropbox channel. Means as you joining during this month can request the milestone: prejoiner.

The FIRST Profile badge will be given for free, then you can buy them in the shoppe for 1 portion and 200 exp (may change in fruture).


The games should all be working (we did test them, so I really hope they do), I will be checking this month how cards are coming out, like if too many or not enough and same goes also for other things to monitor. We are starting with 60 decks and for the first two updates I will be probably releasing 10, but then pass to 5 depending on donations and how many decks we will have so we do not run out.

Also during the voting there were some decks that reached high votes but were not able to be released (had to choose 1 out of the 5 with same votes) so these 5 (Alisaie Leveilleur, Phoenix Wright, Riku, Meru, Phoenix Wright: Spirit of Justice) I will not take off the votes and they will have guaranted release next week. Still vote as those will be 5 out of 10 decks. If you want to see which, you can go in upcoming section and check the 5 decks with 10 votes - so I would suggest to not vote for these as they will be released no metter what and vote other decks.

Also No new decks today, but do vote for next week, I wiped all the votes from before opening, so every deck has same possibility to be chosen as others! At the begining I will be monitoring a little the votes and if there is more than 3 decks of the same series in top 10, I may let it go for the week after!

When it comes to votes, I will be putting to 0 votes every month, so the new made decks have same possibility as others!


Here are your first event cards, the first 3 can be taken during whole month of October and the autumn can be taken till winter.

Event Cards (October 1st, 2023): ec-prejoin, ec-autumn2023, ec-october2023, ec-25decks, ec-50decks

Monthly Challenges

There is Monthly challenges you may have noticed, nothin too fancy, it's 3 tasks that you have to start and finish during the month; when it comes to mastering decks, these have to be done from scratch!

The rewards for month of October are: milestone card: "monthly challenge oct 2023", 4 choice cards, 6 random cards, 2 potions and 20 exp points. That are to be requested in #monthly-challenge chanel in discord.

This month we start with something easy:

Monthly Challenge: October 2023

- Master 5 decks
- Trade 50 times (2 trademeters)
- Donate 1 set of buttons

~Till next Monday

Now I am crossing fingers that everything works as it should, as errors I accept also typos and grammar errors and stuff like that. During this week I will also be sending rewards to players who donated in pre prejoin period!