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Deemo is a rhythm video game developed by Taiwanese game developer Rayark. The game was released on iOS and Android mobile platforms on 13 November 2013. An enhanced port for the PlayStation Vita, titled Deemo: Last Recital, first announced late 2014, was released in June 2015. A Nintendo Switch port was released worldwide in September 2017. A remake of the entire game in 3D, titled Deemo -REBORN-, was announced in October 2017 for PlayStation 4 with PlayStation VR compatibility, and was released on 21 November 2019. A PC port was released on 4 September 2020, and a mobile port for Android and iOS was announced on 23 November 2020. On 13 January 2022, Rayark announced the release of its sequel Deemo II.

Deck Information

Deck/File Name: Deemo (deemo)
Set/Series: Deemo
Made/Donated by: Mio / Yujing Color: Goldenrod
Released: 2024-04-01 Masterable: Yes
Wished by: None
Mastered by: None

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